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Starting a new series called Pneuma, Jon talks about what it means to receive the Holy Spirit, why Jesus promised to baptise His followers with the Holy Spirit, and how…

Devoted to Prayer

11th February 2018
Preaching the last in the Devoted To series, Michael asks 'Who's your Daddy?' and shares what it will mean for Hope Church to be devoted to prayer.
Michael continues our Devoted To series by sharing about how the early church was devoted to fellowship.
Continuing our series looking at what the early church was devoted to, Jon talks about what it means to be devoted to the apostles' teaching.
Continuing our Devoted To series, Michael shares about what it means to be devoted to the breaking of bread.

Devoted To

14th January 2018
On Hope Church's launch Sunday, Michael welcomes people to the church and explains what we're doing over the next few months, and what people can expect.

We Are Covered

13th August 2017
Continuing a series on Ephesians, Chris shows us how we are covered by Jesus, and given weapons we can use as we engage in spiritual warfare.
Jon continues through the next passage from Ephesians, calling us to remember that we are transformed, and live out of that wonderful reality.
Preaching from Ephesians, Michael reminds us that we are all missionaries.