Following on from last week's message about God's free gift of righteousness, Michael shares about how we are no longer under the law and need to walk free from it,…
Following on in our series about God's grace, Michael shares about how trusting in Jesus results in us receiving God's righteousness as a gift. It is not something to be…

The Cross

25th March 2018
On the week before Easter Sunday, Michael Homer puts the cross in context, showing how it is God's answer to how He can express His love toward people in rebellion…

Devoted to Prayer

11th February 2018
Preaching the last in the Devoted To series, Michael asks 'Who's your Daddy?' and shares what it will mean for Hope Church to be devoted to prayer.

Devoted To

14th January 2018
On Hope Church's launch Sunday, Michael welcomes people to the church and explains what we're doing over the next few months, and what people can expect.